Sounak Chattopadhyay mesmerises us today at 7:30 PM with Sukamal Dasgupta's Kabya Sangeet 'Baneer Beena' 'Rupe Roshe Ek Hobo Aaj'

This Bengali New Year we bring you a brilliant creation of a prolific literateur Late Sukamal Dasgupta's collection of poetic lyrics Kabya Sangeet- 'Baneer Beena', Tuesday, 14th April at 7:30 PM presented by young talented vocalist Sagnik Sen.

Sukamal Dasgupta (1915-1999), mainly popular as Children's author, composed several other masterpieces in his lifetime. The unparallel collection of kabya Sangeet Baneer Beena is one such creation that promises to take you on a journey of the fervour of Bengali Culture.

Come, immerse into an infinite bliss by listening to this musical anthology. Vocalists Sagnik Sen and Sounak Chattopadhyay have added a different level to the presentation altogether by paying tribute to the eminent personality.

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