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In the early 60’s, Sukamal Dasgupta, an eminent children’s literary author, penned the Biliti Chhara (Bengali Translations for English Rhymes) series. The project which started off as an exercise to expose his two growing sons to popular English rhymes by translating them into easy to follow rhythmic Bengali rhymes while retaining the purity and message of the original, soon grew into a two part series which went on to become a massively popular children’s read across Bengal. The series was equally popular among the Bengali community the world over as it allowed their kids to learn the language through characters already known to them. Biliti Chhara was the first masterpiece of this literary genius.

About the Author

Late Sri Sukamal Dasgupta, a versatile author and a prolific writer, is known for being a poet as well as a passionate devotional song lyricist. In his early years, this notable personality served as an Administrator with CSIR and in the last fifteen years of his life, he dedicated to writing devotional songs.

He is known to have immense contribution to Bengali Children Literature. Apart from his other literary works, Biliti Chhara, the creative anthology demands special mention. Sri Dasgupta had a great love for children and he wanted to gift them a valuable something that would add more hues to a colorful childhood.

Biliti Chhara is a recreation of the English nursery rhymes, which is sure to transport the children to a wonderful world. He authored these rhymes at the thought of his two sons.

Biliti Chhara receives a warm welcome at the 44th International Kolkata Book Fair. Over 500 copies sold through our exclusive distributor Chuckervertty, Chatterjee & Co. at the Book Fair. Calcutta Broadway is thankful to all the rhyme lovers for the grand success.

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