Does Calcutta Broadway give training in the field of Music Theatre & Dance?

Ans: Calcutta Broadway (CB) is a not-for-profit philanthropic platform which supports the young talented artistes/technicians in the field of Music, Theatre & Dance by providing them structural support to sustain the harsh reality of their everyday lives.

As of now, CB does not have any wing which trains the artistes in the above mentioned fields. CB is a platform for the artistes where they can showcase their talents and submit those. The internal committee will have a look and appraise your talent, if selected you CB may showcase you in its upcoming programmes in and outside Bengal.

Also the Organisations/Groups can apply for its members, the newly launched Calcutta Broadway Health card, which has been exclusively devised for the artistes’ and their family.

How can I get connected to Calcutta Broadway?

Ans: Please drop a mail at, giving a little brief about yourself and your talent. Also attach some video clips or Youtube links of the same for our better understanding.

If there is any other way you want to get connected to CB, we would love to know your idea. Please send us a proposal at

Want to know about the upcoming events of Calcutta Broadway?

Ans: Visit our website We are also there in Facebook and Insta, please keep your eyes there on our pages/social media handles.

How to apply for the Calcutta Broadway Health Card?

Ans: Drop us a mail with a formal application letter at mentioning your organization/group’s name.

  • The organization/group has have an experience of minimum 15 years.
  • It has to be a registered group/organization under the govt. of India.
  • The members you are applying the insurance for has to be associated with the same group for minimum of 5 years at a stretch.
  • The members of the group should not have any other medical insurance.
  • The annual income of the members applying for the insurance should not exceed 2 lacs rupees.

As an individual artiste can I apply for Calcutta Broadway Health Card?

Ans: As it is a group insurance, individual artistes are not eligible to apply for the Calcutta Broadway Health Card as yet.

Where can I get the Biliti Chhara books?

Ans: Please mail us at or call us at 9007142222.

I want a distributorship of the book Biliti Chhara. What do I do?

Ans: Please drop in a mail at or call us at 9007142222.

Where can I get tickets for Hemantakaal?

Ans: Coming Soon.

I want Calcutta Broadway to promote me as an artiste in the Music/Theatre/Dance field?

Ans: Please write us at with specific details about yourself and your talent. Also provide us with relevant Youtube links or audio/video clippings.

Where do we get updates about upcoming events of Calcutta broadway?

Ans: To know about the upcoming events of Calcutta Broadway, please keep your eyes on our website “Upcoming Events” section.