Bikram Dasgupta Foundation Collaborates With Swapnasandhani for Their Upcoming Production ‘HAMLET’

Calcutta Broadway Extends Its Support to the Backstage Technicians

Bikram Dasgupta Foundation (BDG Foundation) has consistently supported performing artistes, backstage technicians, spot boys, light men during COVID times and also in the post COVID world as the sector of performing art was worst hit by the pandemic.

Calcutta Broadway under Bikram Dasgupta Foundation was formed by our mentor Bikram Dasgupta with a mission to support artistes, folk singers, dance troupes, theatre production teams and so on, to bring forth new talent to the world and give them a platform to excel.

Our new collaboration is with theatrician Kaushik Sen’s theatre group Swapnasandhani and their new production Hamlet, which is to be staged on May, 2022. Bikram Dasgupta Foundation is collaborating with Swapnasandhani for the production of Hamlet, with a purpose to generate employment of around 40 support staff, including backstage technicians who are in dire need of work in the post pandemic world.

Swapnasandhani’s Hamlet is based on William Shakespeare’s drama of the same name but with a modern twist to the eternal dilemma of ‘To Be or Not To Be.’ In the current socio-economic context when a young man, sensitive & sensible like Hamlet comes up to the audience and speaks directly from his heart, for them, it becomes our own voice.

Previously Calcutta Broadway had sponsored the musical ‘Maa Aashbei’ where all the ticket sale money went directly to the bank accounts of performing art support staff to help their families. Calcutta Broadway also supports medical expenses of families of young artistes through Free Calcutta Broadway Health Card, while Calcutta Broadway Youth Scholarship funds entire course fees of talented young and upcoming student artistes who do not have economic condition to continue these courses.

Bikram Dasgupta Foundation is committed to the cause of Performing Art and through Calcutta Broadway we shall support in various ways to artistes and technicians.

Calcutta Broadway – Swapnasandhani HAMLET is scheduled to be staged on 29th May, 2022 at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata.