• Highlights:Sukamal Dasgupta’s Kabya Sangeet comes to life through the melodious voices of two talented singers Sagnik Sen and Sounak Chattopadhyay every Tuesday and Friday.

  • Highlights:Unveiling the collection of Late Sukamal Dasgupta’s unparallel poems set to music and sung by Sagnik Sen, Sounak Chattopadhyay & other young talented artistes on a brand new Youtube Channel, this Bengali New Year.

  • Highlights:Relaunch of famous Biliti Chhara, an adaptation of English Nursery Rhymes in Bengali by Late Sukamal Dasgupta in Jan 2020

  • Highlights:As promised, the first batch of beneficiaries received the unique & comprehensive Broadway Health (Insurance) Card on 12th December, 2019 at Tollygunge Club at 3pm

  • Highlights:Calcutta Broadway unveils its unique initiative ‘Broadway Health’ – for junior technicians and artists who help create the magic behind performances

  • Highlights:Renowned Sarodist Pandit Tajendra Narayan Majumdar joins Calcutta Broadway’s Advisory Panel

  • Highlights:Sohag Sen, a 40 year veteran of the Theatre movement joins Calcutta Broadway’s advisory panel


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Calcutta Broadway!

Calcutta Broadway aims at broad basing and increasing the appeal of performing arts, in Music, Theatre and Dance for the new generation, by delving into the rich heritage that we have inherited while at the same time encouraging fusion of contemporary themes to reflect mankind’s social, cultural, evolutionary progress in the 21st Century.

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Upcoming Events

  • Calcutta Broadway under BDG Foundation celebrates Baishe Shrabon with a difference.

    The power of Youth can never die. Rabindranath Tagore worshipped and inspired that power in his various creations. Calcutta Broadway under BDG Foundation celebrates Baishe Shrabon with a difference. With Rabindranath Tagore's inspiring songs and lines on Power of Youth. Join Calcutta Broadway's unique event on 7th August at 8 pm FB Live and listen to Anubha Sen and Sounak Chattopadhyay belt out soulful songs.

    For more visit www.bdgfoundation.org

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Past Events

Broadway Health

Providing meaningful lives | Gifting wings to talent

The Broadway Health Insurance Card was handed over to the first batch of 78 beneficiaries On December 12, 2019 at Tollygunge Club. 6 members of each family are covered under one health card. It is for the first time in India that a 3rd party has taken the initiative of giving comprehensive health insurance benefits to young artistes/technicians from the field of performing arts. 

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It is for the first time in the history of the Performing Arts industry in Bengal and perhaps in India that Calcutta Broadway, as an entrepreneurially driven ‘private’ platform meant to nurture upcoming talent, has innovated a Heath Insurance product in the form of Broadway Health to provide structured and long term support to the people behind the scenes, on whose shoulders lie the burden of a performance’s excellence, be it junior artists, upcoming musicians, technical helpers and many others. Broadway Health would go a long way in providing a meaning to the life of the junior people associated with the Performing Arts industry while gifting them wings to fly!

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Broadway Health Insurance Claim's Review

Supporting Folk Artistes
Taking care of 144 needy Baul families of Santiniketan

BDG Foundation has extended support to 144 Baul families of Santiniketan. These folk artistes have been living in penury, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown and lack of livelihood. This comes as an extension of BDG’s support for the marginalized informal sector, who are facing an unprecedented economic crisis, due to the changed times.

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  • I could not provide her the best medical treatment is what I feel now. Though, I tried my best. My mother left me 2 years back due to that ailment… for me it is a gift from God himself. Probably my mother has conspired from the other world to give this opportunity to me. Big thanks to Bikram Sir and Tanusree di.

    Arnab Sen


  • He is giving Health insurance to those whom he has never seen, those who are no way related to him. It is indeed a great support for us.

    Malay Sarkar


  • This is the first of its kind initiative that he has taken. My all respect to him and I wish he keeps on showering his blessings upon us. I wish many more may think alike Mr. Bikram Dasgupta.

    Pronoy Mukhyopadyay


  • It is really very appreciating task what he has done. It’s a very rare thing.

    Rudrarup Mukherjee


  • Thanks to Sir that he has thought about all of us and it is really worth appreciating.

    Pritha Chatterjee


  • You follow your passion and there will be someone to support you from behind and that person is Mr. Bikram Dasgupta.

    Debleena Sarkar


  • Calcutta Broadway is not only a showcase for Music, Theatre & Dance but also a platform for the selves in the struggling artistes and to look after their material comfort through Broadway Health Card

    Sohini Sengupta

    National Award winning Actor, Director

  • Broadway Health is phenomenal and fantastic initiative … eagerly waiting for Hemantakaal in June, 2020.

    Barun Chanda


  • Calcutta Broadway is an innovative venture in the field of culture…the focus of Bikram Dasgupta is completely different…the three projects announce reflect his dynamic mind and honest intention.

    Jawhar Sircar (IAS)

    Formar Cultural Secretary, Govt. of India

  • Broadway Health card is very interesting and I am sure that lots of people will be benefitted.

    Raju Barman

    Partner at Rupa & Co and Joint Secretary of the Publishers and
    Booksellers Guild

  • Salute and hats off to Mr. Bikram Dasgupta… I am really grateful to him for having faith in me as an artiste.

    Sagnik Sen


  • In the field of performing arts Calcutta Broadway is one very good initiative. It’s like a breath of fresh air for us, because patronage is something we hardly have. I wish Bikram and Calcutta Broadway all the best.

    Sohag Sen


  • Today is a fabulous day in the lives of a lot of artistes… Bikram Dasgupta is not only a dreamer but also he has always achieved what he wanted to do… we need more of Bikram Dasguptas in this field… the initiative of doing health insurance is a big step.

    Tanusree Shankar


Live Interview

The need to preserve the rich cultural heritage of India has been the driving force in conceptualising Calcutta Broadway as a secular platform to nurture upcoming talent while providing a frame to help conserve the rich body of knowledge that the nation possesses.

  • Pandit Tejendra Narayan Majumdar

  • Tanusree Shankar

  • Kaushik Sen

  • Sohini Sengupta

  • Snehamay Nag

  • Barun Chanda

  • Jawhar Sircar

  • Raju Barman

  • Sagnik Sen

  • Sohag Sen

  • Tanusree Shankar

  • Shankar Kar

Live Your Dream With No Worries

Interested artists can upload samples of their work for evaluation and to help participate in the Calcutta Broadway movement.


Group theatre refers to a tradition in theatres which developed in the 1940s as an alternative to entertainment-oriented theatres. According to Smt.Jolly Guha Roy, Director, Bikramgarh Maru Behag group theatre, Group Theatre is “a theatre that is not professional or commercial”, characterized by its tendency for experimentation in theme, content and production, and its aim of using the proscenium stage to highlight social messages, rather than having primarily making-money objectives”.

Interested artists can upload samples of their work for evaluation and to help participate in the Calcutta Broadway movement.


Contemporary dance in India encompasses a wide range of dance activities currently performed in India. It includes choreography for Indian cinema, modern Indian ballet and experiments with existing classical and folk forms of dance by various artists. Uday Shankar and Shobana Jeyasingh have led modern Indian ballet which combined classical Indian dance and music with Western stage techniques. Their productions have included themes related to Shiva-Parvati, Lanka Dahan, Panchatantra, Ramayana among others.

Interested artists can upload samples of their work for evaluation and to help participate in the Calcutta Broadway movement.

Our YouTube Channel

Interested artists can submit videos and be a part
of our channel.

  • Ei Meghla Dine Ekla - Calcutta Broadway

  • Ke Prothom Kachhe Esechhi - Calcutta Broadway

  • Ei To Hethay Kunjo Chhayay - Calcutta Broadway

  • Aami Cheye Cheye Dekhi Saradin - Calcutta Broadway

Children’s Rhymes

In the early 60’s, Sukamal Dasgupta, an eminent children’s literary author, penned the Biliti Chhara (Bengali Translations for English Rhymes) series. The project which started off as an exercise to expose his two growing sons to popular English rhymes by translating them into easy to follow rhythmic Bengali rhymes while retaining the purity and message of the original, soon grew into a two part series which went on to become a massively popular children’s read across Bengal. The series was equally popular among the Bengali community the world over as it allowed their kids to learn the language through characters already known to them. Biliti Chhara was the first masterpiece of this literary genius.

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Calcutta Broadway seeks to preserve, leveraging the latest digital technologies the rich and varied body of knowledge – one that has been handed down using the age old ‘gurushishya parampara’ (system of passing knowledge in an intimately hands-on form by the teacher to their chosen pupils) practiced for centuries in the country.

  • Mr. Bikram Dasgupta

  • Shri Jawhar Sircar

  • Ms. Sohini Sengupta

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Calcutta Broadway is a unique, entrepreneurially driven platform, designed to promote the rich Indian heritage in Fine Arts with specific focus on Music, Theatre and Dance. A movement such as Calcutta Broadway can only thrive and grow with the active participation of people and groups; both who are creatively endowed and those who avidly follow the art forms.

We look forward to hearing from you; whether you are a budding artist or a group or a lover of the arts. You can write to us on a wide variety of topics be it promotion of budding talent, talent recognition, sponsorships, scholarships, bestowing awards, conducting or participating in workshops, archiving legacy records or knowledge or on any other topic related to either one or all of the arts forms vis-a-vis Music, Theatre and Dance.

We look forward to hearing from you and would get back to you at the earliest.